Foundry Services

The Center can provide a wide range of services to researchers and companies needing to develop, manufacture, or test microfluidic components or systems.  The Center has significant experience with a wide range of microfluidic systems, including systems made from: plastics (PDMS, PMMA, polycarbonate, acrylics, polyesters, and more), glass, silicon, and metals (including graphite).  We have a variety of rapid prototyping techniques that allow us to get you simple test systems quickly and inexpensively.  We have also developed techniques for large area microfluidics (up to 6 inch circles).  We can do molding, direct bonding, xurography, and traditional micromachining to create your microfluidic systems.  We also have a large library of microfluidic components that can be included in your system, such as: channels, wells, electrodes, pumps, valves, nucleic acid extraction and/or analysis, waveguides, sensors, mixers, and reaction chambers.  We have experience with a variety of surface chemistries, reagents, and techniques.  We can do custom design, or fabricate your designs.  Please contact us for a quote: or 801-585-5944.