Principal Investigator

Bruce Gale

Professor Mechanical Engineering Director, Center of Excellence for Biomedical Microfluidics

Office: 3711 SMBB E-mail: Phone: (801) 585-5944 More Info


Senior Researchers

Himanshu Sant

Research Assistant Professor

Research Area: Pathogen detection, exosome separations, miniature medical devices.


Raheel Samuel

Post Doctoral Researcher

Research Area: Sperm separations and processing, zebrafish embryo genotyping, collaborative research with Andrology.


Graduate Students

Ryan Brewster

B.S./M.S. Candidate

Research area: Developing an implantable coupling device to perform end-to-end anastomosis. We are hoping that our vascular coupling device would replace the traditional suturing by hand method in an efficient and safe way.

Alex Jafek

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area:  I work on a sperm isolation project that will significantly reduce strain on the medical technicians required to extract sperm from testicular tissue. I also work on a rapid microfluidic PCR project that will provide repeatable, controllable, and marketable instrumentation for the fastest PCR ever demonstrated.

Jiyoung Son

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area:  Developing an inertial microfluidic separation solution for Assisted Reproductive Medicine procedures. The goal is finding viable but not motile sperms from extremely low sperm concentration and highly contaminated sample. The solution should be clinically safe and simple to operate by non-engineering personal.

Greg Liddiard

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Developing multi-layer polymer-based fluidic control structures for low cost and simple integration intomicrofluidic lab-on- a-chip systems. These include pneumatically-backed electrostatic microvalves as well as necessary microinfrastructure devices such as micro pressure amplifiers and regulators. Also developing active geometry garments for prevention and elimination of pressure ulcers in immobilized individuals.

John Nelson

M.D./Ph.D. Candidate

Research area:  Designing a system for purification of condensed chromosomes from lysed cellular debris. Successful chromosome purification could allow for an improved intercellular chromosome transfer process.

Haidong Feng

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Microfluidics device for medical care and biological application.

Valentin Romanov

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Microfluidically assisted synthesis of biologically relevant nanoscale liposomes.


Kevin Petersen

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Nanoparticle Trapping of Oxygen


Jesus Arellano

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Continuous Flow Cells Integrated with Microscopy


Pratima Labroo

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Highly Parallel Cell and Protein Analysis


Brett Davis

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Nerve Regeneration Devices


Ugochuckwu Nze

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Cell Separation Devices


Farhad Shiri

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Separation of Virus Like Particles


Marzieh Charharlang

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Sample Preparation for DNA Sequencing

Joshua Burton

Ph.D. Candidate

Research area: Nerve Regeneration Devices